What is TrustNavigator?

TrustNavigator is a not-for-profit program focused on career guidance education, job candidate preparation, and networking college students with employers who seek qualified candidates.

Virtual Industry Internships

Industry programs last 10 weeks and occur three times a year in Fall, Spring and Summer. Participants can work from any location, making the program accessible and introducing “working remotely” structure and responsibility. The program is intended to assist students identify potential career options and language critical for onboarding, interviewing and preparation for traditional employer internships and entry level job opportunities.

Career Education Matching Employer Retention

The LifeLaunching remote internships and independent work projects engage students creatively thru mentorship experiences to introduce career planning and passion search. Industry pathways focus on the Gallup-Purdue Index, survey of college and university alumni that empathize critical "Success Factors of Career Engagement" including:

  • "Someone who made me excited about learning"
  • "A teacher who cared about me as a person"
  • "A mentor who encouraged my goals and dreams"
  • "A Long-term project taking a semester or more to complete"
  • "An Internship or job where applied my learning"
  • "Extremely involved in extracurricular activities and organizations"

Measurements of employer recruiting improved ROI and retention echo these important milestones of employee engagement.

Advanced Program Offerings

TrustNavigator’s experience introducing industry skills to candidates and employer best practices in recruiting and retention is unique in its role to students end employers. This is reflected in a sponsored curriculum to face a wide range of issues in onboarding such as lacking on-the-job experience, underemployment, gig employment engagements and low recruiting ROI. At the same time students are better prepared by improving financial literacy, educated on student loan debt solutions as well as accomplishment of industry language.