What is TrustNavigator?

TrustNavigator is a not-for-profit college campus program focused on career guidance education, preparing, and networking college students with alumni and employers who seek qualified candidates.

Student Organization with Networking connections

TrustNavigator works with student organizations located on campus to connect them with their alumni through a proprietary CRM system providing networking and unique reengagement strategies and programming.

TrustNavigator brings a unique energetic career enhancement element to college campuses by

  • Enhancing students and alumni skills
  • Providing networks for career entry
  • Matching students and employers through qualified candidates testing and training
  • Offering alumni and employers access to the network for assessment and broadening engagement

Career Education

TrustNavigator provides turnkey solutions unique to each university’s culture and specific needs. Each Affinity Group has its own unique programming and develops it own alumni engagement strategy. Experiential virtual industry internships create unique networking, mentorship and entry ways into career planning and passion search.

Increasing Campus Involvement

In order to reach enhanced returns for colleges, students, parents, and employers, we focus on increasing campus involvement through a program that delivers career, business, entrepreneurial, and life education within a fun-spirited campus society. TrustNavigator enriches the traditional college experience by expanding alumni engagement and connecting students with a national database of partner corporations for skills matching, testing, training and career opportunities. LifeLaunching provides students with shadowing, career mentorships, and internships. Statistics show that opportunities for networking with alumni and employers on campus increase the chances that students will become more engaged, successful alumni after graduation. Measurements of ROI results allow TrustNavigator to supplement an on- campus curriculum to face issues of: lacking on-the-job experience, underemployment, and student loan debt, while enhancing college spirit, and improving financial literacy.

Advanced Program Offerings

TrustNavigator provides turnkey solutions unique to each university’s culture and specific needs. Each Affinity Group welcomes the input and full engagement of their faculty advisor, other faculty members and staff. We connect universities to our recruiting network of companies.