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Our mission at TrustNavigator is to bring a life launching experience to our youth as they prepare to enter employment in the work force. So much has changed in recent generations. This blog will look at the cultural changes in our society that have led to new expectations of our youth and an increasing disconnect this creates with employers and educational institutions. The lack of accountability concurrent with some of these changes is causing a profound change in the way many of our institutions operate today. The result is unintended consequences.

There is no doubt that technology progress has changed every facet of our society. The momentum of these paradigm shifts has impacted labor markets and world trade in every way. The result has created many positive results and allowed societies throughout the world to benefit as well as gain access to products and services.

The progress has also led to society shifts that are not necessarily planned and where the repercussions are subtler. With the best of intents mobility in technology access parallels the enormous supply in information flow. We now have instantaneous search and access. We simply don’t have to remember facts we can easily Google.

It has changed our knowledge basis, and with the broadness of access and sources comes volume. With the volume comes a need to shorten “the story”. Inevitably by shortening the message, we eliminate facts and the emphasis becomes the headline. An insatiable appetite to sensationalize titles grabs attention and feeds social media growth. That attention (not necessarily for profit) now motivates much of all our media, deemphasizes fact and gives everybody a potential audience.

Is it any wonder why a 142-character appetite is now all most of our youth can digest? No prior generations grew up with this information overload. Reading newspapers or access to only 3 television networks controlled the input for the last two generations acting to filter and slow the flow. Today we all are learning the effects of technology and mobility in our communication. It is different and will have major changes in world cultures. Unintended consequences.

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