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So much changing in our society from the work force to family structure and technology. We hear of the changes in our youth, the adjustments to upbringing and generally how things are different today.  This is an echo of past generations, but it is more pronounced today for good reason. The way our children learn and experience, the mentors in their lives and the tools of technology have changed the paradigm. There has been a resulting change of authority and influences and with it behavior. Every generation has this adjustment but this one in particular has seen the influence of the family structure and technology as particularly instrumental.

To some extent this has created a virtual replacement of voids left by many of the legacy figures of authority. Now movie stars and athletes are viewed by many as living dream lives and the limelight is viewed with some degree of jealousy and envy. Media has transformed many in public lives as authorities with no experience, knowledge or even wisdom. Teachers and parents still have a profound impact as well, but the result is an unusual distrust of many in authority. Confirmation and support of peers has an increasing influence on the young as the mass channels now create the information flow and promote conformity.

With this morphing of guidance and influences, one of the inevitable results is an acceptance of lower thresholds of results and expectations. Virtualization has caused less direct influence of teachers, mentors and parents. Lack of proximity and time comes less accountability. Increasingly as a society we are willing to accept a “cheaper” product due to price or materials or a job not done to specs but “close enough”. Skilled craftsmen in so many trades have simply gone. The results are that discipline and adherence to detail have suffered and accountability as well. “Taking ownership” is increasingly a deferred behavior. It is not conscious but as a result of societal shifts it is an unintended consequence.

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