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Dear friend,
This year I will be riding in my third VeloSano "Ride for the cure" 200-mile bike ride. As I cross paths with friends old and new like so many of you, we see those fighting Cancer. It is a tough battle. Treatment cannot be understood without experiencing it either as a patient or a supporter. Despite so many facing these challenges we are making progress. This is a challenge we can overcome.

Paul Dolan and Stewart Kohl do so much to support this race. Due to their generosity, every dollar raised to support this race goes to fight Cancer. They underwrite the costs (with very generous sponsors) of 100% of the ride's costs. Their commitment is over the top. Last year the ride raised over $3 million dollars and in the last three years over $8 million. I have met some of the doctors and researchers receiving funding at the Cleveland Clinic. They are making progress.

Last year, Bobbi Sweet one of the dearest ladies I ever met, succumbed to Mesothelioma. I dedicate the ride to Bobbi, Doreen Stark who is now two years clean and Liz, my daughter, who is celebrating three years cancer free after a golf ball tumor was removed next to her brain. Survivors Dave Emerson (cousin) and Marilyn Dickey (aunt) were part of my inspiration. Last year I asked donors to add to my list to ride for when making donations. Over a dozen added family and friends. This year I will again add to "The Wall" those that you ask me to include. It still affects to many people. For two days and months of training as I struggle in this ride, it is these people and stories that I learn about each year, that gets me thru the ride. The hills and distance are a challenge. But this fight, like those that take on Cancer, is a war worth fighting. Velosano is making a difference!

I appreciate so much those supported me last year and previously given to my ride and other Velosano riders.  Velosano and the Cleveland Clinic are in pursuit to finding cures for the many ways in which cancer afflicts us. 

There remains much more work to do. That is my motivation, knowing that many of the current treatments did not even exist five years ago. Cancer survivors and fighters ride and volunteer, offering so much support during the race.

I ask for your support as I look to attack the ride with the same motivation as those that fight and those that survive. I hope you will consider sponsoring my ride with a mile match or whatever you can do to support the Cure.  Any amount makes a difference.


Please go to link below to support my ride. I am riding with The Cleveland Indians team this year. Their commitment is over the top. Your gift is 100% tax deductible.

Thanks for your consideration.
Tom Roulston

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