TrustNavigator expedites an interactive relationship model for students, alumni, colleges, and employers.

Save time and money
Save Time and Money

Expedite recruiting across multiple college campuses thru one platform of projects, brand Ambassadors and on campus marketing.

Customize Training
Customize Training

Identify on-campus professional and affinity organizations and attracting specific qualities to offer training programs prior to graduation.

Career Focused
Broaden Candidate Pool

Virtual internships offer the gateway for corporate internship programs and full time hiring with qualitative experience.

Unique Pathways
Unique Pathways

Establish unique pathways for recruiting and testing, providing internships, and training for future job placement across a broader applicant pool of national college campuses.

Student Data
Student Data

Replace the traditional “Career Fairs” by virtual screening, testing, interviewing, and exclusive student data obtained by surveys throughout the TrustNavigator program.

Are you hiring the right college graduates?

Less than 10% of business leaders believe that recent graduates are ready for the real-world with business skills needed to succeed. TrustNavigator’s business model was created to offer programs that provide companys’ new hires with the business and life skills they need to be productive … day one. We will help you identify who those students are BEFORE they graduate.

TrustNavigator prepares the new hires and emerging leaders and helps businesses get to the front of the hiring line.