Frequently Asked Questions

Who is TrustNavigator and LifeLaunching?

TrustNavigator was a not for profit 501-C-3 working primarily with student success and preparedness. The 501 C-3 organization was closed in 2019. Funding from colleges are not focused on making educations more productive and affordable. Students and student organizations expectations of student preparation is deferred to the institutions that are not accustomed to the rapid changes happening in our culture from technology, changed parenting and media influences. TrustNavigator Consulting strives to better prepare students for their career path, enhanced preparation results in higher incomes and better clarity in the post college years. The focus will be on employers who eventually will have to fund this process to attract and retain their future workforce. This increases the return in investment both to the employees and employers.

LifeLaunching provides education models and creative thinking through experiential proven tools to to gain skills in identifying and developing their personal priorities and career interests. Increasing comfort in talking to potential employers, developing networking skills and recognizing skills critical to success in a post parent/college life is paramount.

What is a shadow interview?

In an increasing complex world of technology and media excesses the world has become mobile and challenging. One of the biggest challenges is networking. This demands a comfort with talking to strangers in a world where a generation has not developed this skill for a variety of reasons. A shadow interview is a simple way to develop interview skills first with known resources (parents, family and friends) and then expanding to career potential options. Walking up to strangers can be intimidating. Asking for a job can be outright scary. The shadow interview allows a member to become familiar asking valuable and entry level information in a non-intrusive format. The interviewed subject is not a hiring agent but instead an example of any person to learn a job description of what they do all day and their corporate function. Most everyone likes to talk about themselves. See HERE for more shadow interview info.

Rarely would one take a test without preparing and studying in advance. If given the option it would be bad judgement not to take a practice test if offered the opportunity. A shadow interview is the practice to prepare you for the final exam (The Job Interview). The experience allows the exploration of the industry, understand the day to day job functions, identify skill sets expected for success and pursue more rapid career growth.

  • Learn networking thru experience meeting employees in industry.
  • Learn the expectations of the job candidate and the different cultures of organizations.
  • Learn which college courses or necessary qualifications are required or preferred in an applicant.
  • Understand the corporate “ladder” and how an employee may move into varying roles over time.
  • Gain comfort and learn the industry language to prepare as a better job candidate.

Why the importance of shadow interview?

The shadow program is an archive of video interviews with parents, relatives, friends and employees of companies where an interviewer learns about jobs. These discussions familiarize the interviewer with an industry to speak more fluently in the industry language. Job interviewers expect certain knowledge by candidates of their industry and company. The shadow interview creates that “learning curve” of language required without the risk of “failing” the interview. It is an advantage in competitive hiring.

Why the same questions for all interviews?

These questions are non-intrusive and universal. They apply to all jobs. When a member interviews anyone with a job, these questions are basic to understand how a person function in their day to day activities, what preparation should be considered for success and competency and what future opportunities will result from considering the job in the first place. The intent is that there are jobs and there is work. Working in a career should bring accomplishment and enjoyment. A job offers pay. A career should provide stability, expertise and visibility both in pay and in pursuit of enjoying the biggest segment of your waking life.

What other tools are in LifeLaunching?

Lifelaunching wants to educate members to be quality citizens and job candidates. Learning modules of skills from budgeting to time management, understanding you paycheck to enhancing networking and interviewing skills are all examples of information available and offered thru the program. All can be experienced virtually through www.lifelaunchcareer.com. Members can join on-campus groups to become certified and gain further experiential value in a fun and rewarding team program.

What is Certification?

Certification is offered by LifeLaunching, individual universities or employers to represent completion of predetermined qualifications. Corporations use this to prescreen employee applicants and increasing look for prequalification of certain skill sets that are the makeup of the specific certifications and may differ between employers or schools.