Higher Education

Preparing You For The Real World

“67% of college students feel that their readiness to enter the professional working world could be greatly improved through internships, more career preparation, and better access to preparation skills development.” (Source: 2016 McGraw Hill educational survey).

TrustNavigator offers students an innovative business and life skills development experience preparing them for the real world.

Adding Value to the Traditional College Education

TrustNavigator supplements legacy college services with Life Skills development in an experiential format.

  • Offer an active career learning program in collaboration with the college career services
  • Cultivate young thinkers into accomplished citizens
  • Prepare students for everyday experiences through life skills roundtables and business applications
  • Survey and gather student and alumni data for measurable results
  • Partner with alumni relations re-engaging Alumni for connections to employers, student mentors, and expanding in developmental efforts

We help to give students an employable advantage

TrustNavigator programs build real-world, hard and soft skills for the 21st century workplace. We’ve identified these skills across public, private, and non-profit sectors by working closely with both industry and thought leaders.

Our unique approach will complement student learning with the professionalism and skills they need in today’s competitive hiring environment.

Advanced Program Offerings

TrustNavigator provides turn-key solutions unique to each university’s culture and specific needs as a student-led affinity group model. Peer-to-peer interaction emphasizes networking and the recognition of the value of onboarding skills applicable in transitioning students after their degree.