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A Unique Learning Experience: Preparing Students for the 21st Century

LifeLaunch is committed to helping student’s develop life-skills and behaviors that employers value. As an organization, we facilitate the transition from the educational to vocational career. With the progress of technology and the cultural evolution of the nuclear family, many of our youth today are not as exposed to these expectations of the workforce.

TrustNavigator’s on-campus LifeLaunching Program addresses issues of: lack of on-the-job experience, jobs out of necessity, student loan debt, while enhancing college spirit, improving citizenry, and financial literacy.

Weekly Meetings and LifeLaunching Mentors

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TrustNavigator provides a proprietary experiential learning experience developed with input from thought leaders and leading employers. A self- paced interactive, sponsored LMS system supplies tracking of relevant business and life-skills learning. Alumni mentorship supplements student-led affinity groups with the wisdom of experience and input of employers as well as Virtual Industry internships.

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Engaging and Connecting Employers, Students, and Alumni

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  • Reducing Employer’s Recruiting Cost and Time- while improving applicant quality
  • Virtual Testing for career path validation
  • Identify interests, career options, strengths/ weakness
  • Employer/applicant job matching
  • Survey and Data Collection
  • Alumni Reengagement using the LifeLaunching Resources
  • Student Organized Events Networking Alumni