Shadow Program

Shadow Program

Employers want applicants to understand their company, the job being applied to and to ask intelligent questions. A shadow interview is the due diligence to learn about a job before interviewing. This “reality visit” is an interview of someone in any industry before the actual pressure of an interview. By posing questions specifically designed to understand what preparation is necessary for a job and what the day-to-day job will be, the objective is to gain an advantage in the actual job interview. They are not random questions but specifically designed to gather due diligence on potential careers of interest and to grow comfort talking in an interview format. The shadow interview is not a job interview. It is a question and answer format with anyone to learn about what they do for a living. It is an absolute necessity to prepare for a successful job interview.

Reality Visit

A student should never take a test without preparing and studying in advance. If given the option it would be bad judgement not to take a practice test if offered the opportunity. A shadow interview is the practice to prepare you for the final exam (The Job Interview). The experience allows the exploration of the industry, understand the day to day job functions, identify skill sets expected for success and pursue more rapid career growth.

  • Learn networking thru experience meeting employees in industry.
  • Learn the expectations of the job candidate and the different cultures of organizations.
  • Learn which college courses or necessary qualifications are required or preferred in an applicant.
  • Understand the corporate “ladder” and how an employee may move into varying roles over time.
  • Gain comfort and learn the industry language to prepare as a better job candidate.
  • Earn points towards the LifeLaunch rewards program recording the interview*.

Industry Language

The shadow program is an archive of video interviews with parents, relatives, friends and employees of companies where an interviewer learns about jobs. These discussions familiarize the interviewer with an industry to speak more fluently in the industry language. Job interviewers expect certain knowledge by candidates of their industry and company. The shadow interview creates that “learning curve” of language required without the risk of “failing” the interview. It is an advantage in competitive hiring.