Preparing College Students For a Continually Evolving Business World

TrustNavigator offers proprietary 10 week virtual internships in the Spring and Fall semesters and during the summer . These mentor hosted experiences consist of a live conference call and a 3-5 hour supervised project submitted each week. The program accessible to all college students internationally, introducing the “remote workplace” structure and the responsibility of a more common work practice today.

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The program is intended for students with less work experience to identify potential career options and language critical for onboarding, interviewing and preparation for traditional employer internships or entry level job opportunities. Further mentoring and networking opportunities are offered to all participants. The TrustNavigator 5000 participant virtual capacity is the largest known internship program available as it seeks to expand further.

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  • Graduates today have less youth employment exposure. Mentor designed introductory internships create the link of experience from college-based career preparation to the employed graduate with more defined expectations, better training and higher retention in recruiting results.