Preparing College Students For a Continually Evolving Business World

TrustNavigator’s experience training in industry skills and working with employers to maximize ROI in hiring and best practices in recruiting and retention is unique. The strategies combine forward thinking employee programs to supplement our partners’ ability to maximize profitability in other facets of a company’s growth. Employee orientation develops skills in financial literacy, student loan education and joint debt solutions as well as enhancing industry language and screening success metrics.

Students In Class

The advancement of technology and changed parenting has had an expanded influence on our youth causing a digression of communication skills and conflict resolution development. Millennials and Gen Z are no different from past generations. Many employers and others blame this on higher education. The traditional college experience has become expensive and has not changed to the expectation of employment preparation. Curriculums have not advanced to respond to employers’ expectations of development of software and professional skills necessary for entry level preparedness. Outside of the traditional advanced degrees (law, health, engineering etc.), Universities have predominantly thought of themselves as solely academic. Cost and technology have changed the expectations of the model.

Combined with technology and parenting influences educational institutions can no longer be all under a model of purely academic. Educational institutions will have to adapt. Some will remain as is. Others will become more vocational especially at the community level where employers’ special needs will coincide with funding to produce specific skills. Public and private institutions will need to strategize and consider how many discuss the changing brain development growth due to video games and early adaptation of technology at even the infant age.

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The guilt of two earner households and parenting as best friends (see blogs) has changed discipline and maturing experiences. New thinking and models must overcome the impact of the physical and mental change of preparedness by a new generation highly influenced by unrestricted access and influence from technology. Harnessing technology growth to be taught in education for student success and applied in industry is critical. Influencing respect for self and others needs to hold parenting more accountable.

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  • Graduates today have less youth employment exposure. Mentor designed introductory internships create the link of experience from college-based career preparation to the employed graduate with more defined expectations, better training and higher retention in recruiting results.